Reclaimed Wood Flooring

There are several options for reclaimed wood flooring:

Option 1  Use flooring already in the facility, make repairs as needed, then sand and refinish.


Some of Royalwood’s reclaimed wood work can be seen in Our State Magazine’s February 2015 issue.

Pictures from Imperial Tobacco CompanyAmerican Tobacco Factory can be viewed here:

Excerpt from “The Warehouse Reworked” Photo Essay



Option 2 Remove the wood floor in one location and reuse it in another.

The pictures below show the removal of the Cardinal Gibbons Gym floor and subsequent replacement on their new campus in a multi-purpose room.
They elected to have the “Crusaders” border displayed on the wall.

Option 3 Purchase reclaimed wood and install in a new facility.

This was done at Mia Francesca Trattoria Restaurant in the Renaissance Hotel at North Hills, Midtown, Raleigh, NC.

If you are interested in a reclaimed floor for your facility, please contact us at or 919-957-3006.




ECU Minges Floor.jpg


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