ElastiPlus™ Series by Connor Sports

ElastiPlus by Connor® offers you the ability to customize a gymnasium for almost any application. The ElastiPlus Series of products are high performing sports surface for a wide range of activities including basketball, volleyball, track and futsal. Your certified court builder can help you through the process of choosing the right surface for your facility.



ElastiPlus can transform almost any space into a multi-purpose athletic facility. The different flooring options allow you the ability to customize the floor for your sport or facility. The surfaces are easy to maintain and have a low-life-cycle cost when compared to other sports floors.

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ElastiPlus High-Strength

A floor where performance and durability are a must. This unique formulation provides superior performance under pressure. ElastiPlus High-Strength has the ability to endure high point loads, bleacher, commercial equipment, and extreme spor

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ElastiPlus Spike Resistant

ElastiPlus Spike Resistant is an athletic flooring system engineered with field houses in mind. Uses include everyday athletic training to competitive races. Combine the Spike Resistant formulation with the other products in the series for a multi-functional athletic facility.

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Quick-Pass™ Floor Cleaner

Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

Quickly get your court ready for prime time and keep it looking good! Quick-Pass is 6 feet wide, meaning just a few passes and your floor is clean. Click here for a video of the Quick-Pass in action.

Quick-Pass DEAL

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