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Grade 1 Maple

This highest standard MFMA grade is hand selected to minimize the natural character variations of the species. This grade of maple combines appearance and durability and has a face free of defects that will materially mar the appearance of the finished floor or impair its durability.


Grade 2 Maple

The most commonly specified flooring, this grade exhibits more natural variations than first grade. While some surface features are admissible, sufficient attention is given to appearance to make this grade desirable and satisfactory for use where superficial defects and blemishes are not a real factor of consideration.


Grade 3 Maple

This grade has the same structural integrity as first and second grade and exhibits more natural variation than either grade. This grade is ideally suited for the value-engineered application. This maple is suited for nearly any application where variations in appearance are not an aesthetic concern.


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Quick-Pass™ Floor Cleaner

Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

Quickly get your court ready for prime time and keep it looking good! Quick-Pass is 6 feet wide, meaning just a few passes and your floor is clean. Click here for a video of the Quick-Pass in action.

Quick-Pass DEAL

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