Maintenance Services – Annual Recoating, Repairs and Sand & Refinish

Annual Recoating

After a year of activity and wear, your sports floor should be cleaned and refinished. Two methods used to prepare your floor for the upcoming season are either a scrub and recoat operation, or by a dry preparation method involving screen discs or specially designed abrasive pads. The one you use will depend on the coating system chosen for refinishing your floor. Royalwood Associates, Inc. offers both services. Please contact a sales associate to evaluate which service is right for your floor. 919-957-3006 or


Sand & Refinish

Resurfacing of Existing Maple Gymnasium Flooring

Even a well-maintained gymnasium floor will need a full resurfacing from time to time. A Resurface or Sand & Finish of your floor is typically performed every 8 to 10 years, depending on your circumstances. This process can bring an old gym floor back to life by renewing its visual appeal, allowing for updated graphics and maintaining its performance.

  • Remove all layers of finish, lines & graphics, down to the raw wood.
  • Make needed repairs to the surface and subfloor.
  • Lightly sand out scratches & dents.
  • Seal
  • Line
  • Finish

Due to the many different subfloor designs, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a Professional Sport Floor Contractor. Contact Royalwood Associates, Inc. to discuss your resurfacing needs. 919-957-3006 or







Quick-Pass™ Floor Cleaner

Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

Quickly get your court ready for prime time and keep it looking good! Quick-Pass is 6 feet wide, meaning just a few passes and your floor is clean. Click here for a video of the Quick-Pass in action.

Quick-Pass DEAL

Contact to purchase.

Click to see pdf: Quick-Pass Product Sheet