Water Damage Repairs & Replacement

Cherry Point Marine Dome – A burst pipe caused water damage to the athletic wood gym floor and synthetic flooring areas throughout the gym and outer rooms. See pictures below.

Royalwood Associates, Inc. removed the warped, water damaged floor and replaced the wood athletic floor as well as synthetic athletic flooring on the sides and commercial synthetic flooring in the outer rooms. See after pictures below.

Contact Royalwood Associates, Inc. to schedule a site visit to assess the damage and get an estimate on repairs or replacement. 919-957-3006






Quick-Pass™ Floor Cleaner

Fast, Efficient, Cost Effective

Quickly get your court ready for prime time and keep it looking good! Quick-Pass is 6 feet wide, meaning just a few passes and your floor is clean. Click here for a video of the Quick-Pass in action.

Quick-Pass DEAL

Contact to purchase.

Click to see pdf: Quick-Pass Product Sheet