Q: Do the new NCAA Basketball 3-pt line rules affect my floor?

  A:   If you have a Men's Division I Team, then the answer is
yes, for the 2019-2020 Season
  A:   If you have a Men's Division II or III Team, then the answer is
yes, but not until the 2020-2021 Season
  A:   If you have a Women's Division I, II or III Team, then the answer is
not yet
Please note that for the upcoming two-year rules cycle, the women’s rules committee plans to experiment with the international three-point line for 2019-20 postseason events, excluding the NCAA championships. "

Q:    What, exactly, is changing?

  A:    "The men’s three-point line will be extended by approximately 1’ 5” (to a distance of 22’ 1 ¾” at the top of the key and 21’ 7 and 7/8” in the corners). The distance of the three-point line for women’s basketball will remain the same as the current rule (20’ 9”)."   See link below for diagram.

    -Men's Basketball Rules Changes

    -Women's Basketball Rules Changes

    -NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Court Diagram 

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